Amazing New Skill Achieved With Patience

Ah that joy you feel when a piece of work is nearing completion.   I have always loved knitting, since a wee girl. Though it must be said that I often used to get into a bit of a pickle if the pattern suddenly took on unexpectedly difficult instructions.   However, in those days I had two […]

Knowing Your Circular Needle – Short Or Long

Oh the love of knitting.   I do so enjoy being able to work through my tasks on any given day, knowing that by 5pm I can switch off, get myself an early meal and then relax with my knitting.   I have one or two patterns that I’ve bought along the way – whenever I’m oiut […]

Joys Found In A Good Knitting Pattern Book

I have taken to knitting again after quite a long break – many years ago there was a phase of knitting that moved in and out of the young mind.  I took to it very easily because I come from a family of knitters.  Everything we wore as kids was either knitted or sewn by […]

Crafting Competitions Lack Younger Entrants

At a local ladies’ group there are interest groups that offer competitions and days out for other members to join if they wish.  There is a craft competition too, with a small cup engraved witht he name of a very long standing member who was renowned for her sewing and crafting skills.  It’s really nice […]