Crafter’s Heaven For Knitters & Sewing Fans

I am not the greatest crafting expert, that is acknowledged.  I like to knit and have tremendous patience when it comes to fiddly things like hand sewing up hems and neatly repairing items.  I can also spend days undoing wonky knitting and reknitting it.  But on the whole, no one would race over to me to ask for a home made heirloom.  So when I had the chance to visit a really good haberdashers and fabric emporium, it was like walking into a crafter’s heaven.  There were bales and bales of fantastic fabrics – all colours and textures.  I cannot imagine why we all end up with the same patterned curtains and soft furnishings – there is such an amazing choice out there,  if only we used our peepers to find them!  I was also pleased to see a vibrant knitting and crochet department – again the variety of colour and gauges of the  yarns on show was breathtaking.  I can’t wait to get my tasks over each day now – then it’s in to my favourite room with knitting patterns and needles to the fore!