A Stitch In Time Saves A Fortune & Brings A Satisfied Glow

It is a jolly long time since the end of the second world war.  That was a time when families had to scrimp and save and be as resourceful as possible.  During the war and for a considerable few years afterwards.  Grandma had all the skills needed to keep the home fires burning in terms of not needing to replace those bed sheets as soon as the first graze or hole appeared.  No, you would have to see her turning sides to middle and re-seaming to believe the skill in these handicrafts.  The home made rugs made out of scraps of materials and fabrics.  Presumably the last remnants of other garments that had seriously lived their day, eventually down to a small scrap, managed to save the day again and become part of a rug.

In this throw away world, it is pleasing how many younger folk have really taken to the home crafting in a big way.  The magazines that crowd the supermarket shelves is testament to that.