Ability Of The Young To Learn To Sew & Knit From Videos

I was chatting to a younger relative over the weekend.  She was thrilled to bits because her other aunt had passed on a second hand sewing machine and the lass was excitedly getting to grips with the whole ethos of using a sewing machine.  She’s the sort of person who never lets anything stop her from investigating, trying out, experimenting.  So even though favoured aunt did not have the original hand book, lassie was there checking what was available on the book auctions and you. tube to see how to fit the bobbin on to be filled etc.  I’m very impressed with her ingenuity and sheer enthusasim.  This was the same when she took up knitting when quite a youngster.  Having watched her mum rattling off a few small garments for the newest born member of the clan, she decided this was a fun project and took up knitting just like that.  Many a fabulous sweater has been on her back since!