Altering The Cocktail Mumber For High Table

I have been gathering items to add to my now expanding cruise clothing wardrobe.  However, because I’m only a novice at this game, I have yet to get that happy compromise between very fashionable and very well fitted and classic.  Something that looks fab in a catalogue arrives and looks wonderful if I try it on before the afternoon.  Mother nature takes a cruel swipe after that and almost everything that is not a pair of hefty jeans takes on a life form of its own and becomes a sack of potatoes.  So I have now had to learn to alter the offending items so they at least fit better, even if I can’t ward off the potato effect entirely.  I have basic sewing skills but with the help of a couple of really fantastic online learning resources, I have found my way to changing the fit on a couple of maxi dresses which I plan to sweep the opposition out of the way with at the Captain’s table some time!  It’s amazing what we can find online.  The products in the sewing and habidashery stores is mind boggling and I am certainly getting quite a taste for popping onto them for inspiration.