Amazing New Skill Achieved With Patience

Ah that joy you feel when a piece of work is nearing completion.   I have always loved knitting, since a wee girl. Though it must be said that I often used to get into a bit of a pickle if the pattern suddenly took on unexpectedly difficult instructions.   However, in those days I had two excellent mentors who would whisk the work out of my increasingly sweaty paws and set it to rights.  Lovely for me but of course, I didn’t learn how to tackle anything too challenging myself.  Those tasks I had to undertake once a fully fledged adult!  I have of course since those tottering day, learned how to make baubles in a pattern, one particularly gorgeous sweater had a pointy lace border with knitted in baubles across three rows of the pattern.  It was much simpler than expected – combination of making new stitches into next stitch and turning several times.  Fantastic fun and very effective. A new skill achieved at last!