Armistice Memorials Taking Centre Crafting Stage

Gosh it is hot at the moment – I’m trying desperately not to moan about it because we had a dreadfully snowy and icy winter through until late spring.  The heat however does put folk off doing crafts – you can’t get on with the sweat pouring all over the craft project!  This is frustrating because I am really keen to help some colleagues in a charity group who want to produce thousands of poppies made by knitting and crochet, although some machine made using red fabric would look just as effective.  We don’t have all that long to have all of them ready for a celebration of the end of the first world war.  Somehow I am sure the venue will be able to arrange something tasteful to fill in the space where the poppy production is a little disappointing.   The essential theme is knit and crochet and home made with love, rather than over the counter.