As One Project Ends – Time To Get Next One Planned

As I near the end of a knitting project that took me rather longer than anticipated, there is that sad period of almost light bereavement.  Such is the enjoyment during the actual choosing of pattern – shall I make that nice lacy sweater or the cable front cardi . . . . The the choosing of the yarn and needles.  I try to tie the colour into matching an existing dress or ensemble rather just od hoc.  It makes the project come even more relevant.  Early evening is my time – I shut off business work at 5pm and move to my large sofa in the front room.  I try to catch a favourite quiz programme – a good challenging one.  Out comes my project and a very pleasurable and relaxing hour or two is spent before going off to make dinner and see to any other domestic obligations.  That luxurious ‘me’ time is essential to me tand I’ve enjoyed the therapeutic qualities of having such a routine for many years.   Although sadness arrives at the completion of another garment, this is soon replaced by the joy to be had from lovely compliments when I wear them, or when I enter them in the various craft competitions around.