Checking Out An Antique Sewing Machine

Whilst having an urgent shift around of the mass of ‘junk’ in my garage, I came across many items I might now sell.  One of these was an old sewing machine.  It took a while to figure out how to get the beautifully carved lid off but underneath was a wonderfully ornate sewing machine.  It’s […]

Knitting Sequences Form All OverPatterns

Baby knitting patterns will definitely encourage you to make several lovely baby clothes to keep the little one all warm and safe. With these knitting patterns, I am sure your bundle of joy will be all covered up for the winter! As you can see, yarn and fiber selection is very important for all knitters […]

Amazing New Skill Achieved With Patience

Ah that joy you feel when a piece of work is nearing completion.   I have always loved knitting, since a wee girl. Though it must be said that I often used to get into a bit of a pickle if the pattern suddenly took on unexpectedly difficult instructions.   However, in those days I had two […]

Knowing Your Circular Needle – Short Or Long

Oh the love of knitting.   I do so enjoy being able to work through my tasks on any given day, knowing that by 5pm I can switch off, get myself an early meal and then relax with my knitting.   I have one or two patterns that I’ve bought along the way – whenever I’m oiut […]