Restoration Talents Have Cult Following

I’ve been following a lifestyle tv programme with a difference.  It’s not all about couples apparently as would be house buyers shown pickily viewing and rejecting umpteen very good choices, or a stream of disgusting hovels sold at auction before and after the transformation work.  No, this one is much more to my taste.  It […]

Century Old Heirlooms Admired At Party

We have recently celebrated the centenary of one half of our local w.i.,  The original one started in the next village along after the local lady of the manor rallied her ladies who had helped her first world war efforts for 5 years.  They heard about this new thing for women coming from Canada, spreading […]

Embroidery Skills Need Passing On To Grandchildren

There have been many celebrations throughout the land of the 100 years of the WI – each federation set up independently so although the idea first came to Wales from Canada in 2015, the general thrust took off from mid 2017 ad onwards.  My particular group only forming in the late 1960s is way off, […]

Comforters & Knitted Poppy Appeals Kick Start Hobby

For years I have kept my knitting wools and needles in an old laundry stand up in the back bedroom.  They’ve been sadly neglected, especially in the summer.  I don’t know why – I recall the joyous satisfaction of pressing and trying on no end of jumpers that I’d knitted from patters in magazines.  I […]

Sewing Skills With Fabric Bring Joy All Round

I was attending a committee meeting the other evening – connected with a very well known and respected organisation for women.  Say no more.  There we were supposed to be planning the yearly campaign for craft evening and lunch dates.  What was actually happening was much giggling, chattering and congratulations being plied to one member […]

Surprise Male Member Of Knitting Squad

I belong to a couple of groups in a nearby village.  One is designed to be only women and can remain so under current law because of the very nature of it’s activity and purpose – a century ago.  The other group is just for anyone over a certain age and was primarily for social […]

Knit & Natter Produces Fantastic Craft Ideas

I belong to a local federation of the wi.  My daughter belongs also and we love meeting up with older ladies – some of them just look ancient and in fact are not much older in years than me.  I just look and behave much younger!  I do however share the same old fashioned ideas […]

Nan’s Legendary Seamstress Skills Needed

I had the good fortune to spend Christmas with a family who have lived in their cottage for over 40 years, they bought the first half before they married, tiny little place in which they managed to have both sons! Then the adjoining cottage was acquired and the mammoth job of joining them commenced.  I’ve […]

The Aisle Of Randomness With Fantastic Machines

The big german supermarket store down in town has a huge middle aisle section full of an ever changing array of special offers.  Always domestic items, sauce pans, sandwich makers, kettles etc. Other weeks it has a theme like camping in which there will be tents, inflatable beds, folding chairs, mini fridges etc.   My family […]