The advantage of knowing the art of sewing

Sewing is a very technical art and learning this art is very crucial in one`s life. Sewing includes everything i.e. sewing of shirts, trousers, denims, ladies suits etc. Thus it shouldn’t be limited to one category. Learning this art works in the favor of people who know it, and a person can earn thousands through […]

Learn stitching techniques through web videos

It is very convenient now to learn from online resources. If you are eager to learn sewing techniques and want to practice at home, then it is advisable to check out e-tutorials that are available for free of cost online. Even you can avail courses which are certified and offered by renowned institutions to the […]

The Art of Good Sewing & Helpful Hints

Sewing as we all know is an important part of any designing process, as without sewing no proper design could be produced. Sewing is of basically two kinds, manual or machinery and both of these kinds hold a prominent place in the designing process. There is a particular forte for both kinds of sewing styles, […]