The Joy Of A New Sewing Machine For The Novice Sewer

For the experienced and long time seamstress or hobby-crafter, there is something truly wonderful about getting into the work room, all thoughts of trivial domestic tasks easily brushed away in the enthusiasm for all things sewing.  That feeling of joy as the cover is lifted off the sewing machine, be it a brand new all […]

Learn stitching techniques through web videos

It is very convenient now to learn from online resources. If you are eager to learn sewing techniques and want to practice at home, then it is advisable to check out e-tutorials that are available for free of cost online. Even you can avail courses which are certified and offered by renowned institutions to the […]

Knitting & Sewing Parts and Accessories

Just like knitting needles, crochet needles too, come in different sizes. Just so you do not choose the wrong one, we suggest that you opt for the thicker variety that will allow you to work on the yarn with ease. Similarly for knitting pique for making Polo Shirts or Sweatshirt hoodies or Interlock material, are […]

Sewing & Knitting – Two Peaceful Activities

Debbie Bliss knitting wool is known for its quality and stunning designs. Debbie Bliss is a famous designer of fashion knitted garments popular and well credited for over the world. Remember however, not to move too often or too much because you might just give the feeling that you are either nervous or aggressive. The […]