Landmark Birthday Signals New Sewing Hobby

I have  a family friend who I meet up with every two or three months.  We rarely speak between these meetings but manage to ourselves to one good gossip.  We exchange news of what our very  similarly aged daughters are up to and what her son is doing now that he is out of the […]

If Only I Had Learned to Dress Make

Learning the skills of dressmaking has always been on the periphary of my interests but I have never actually gotten around to doing anything about it.  I see fabulous outfits in the top end fashion magazines, I look and laugh at their ugliness most of the time.  Whereas when I see any womens’ magazine from […]

Home Knitted To Combat Sleeve Length Dramas

I was bought a voucher for a local habidashery venture recently opened and desperately hoping to drum up business and remain there.   The donor of this kind gift is a very hands on crafter herself and knew that in my younger days I used to knit a great deal – lots of baby jackets and […]

House Clearance Calls For Shuttle Diplomacy

When we cleared a relative’s bungalow after the inevitable move into residential care, the painful task of emptying the bungalow arose.  Foruntately the lady has always been a declutter geek and has never allowed herself the dubious joy hoarding anything.  This almost brutal lack of sentimentality extends to her daughter who happily ditched many of […]

Tips and Ideas for Creating Knots in Sewing Practice

Tighten the long end of yarn. Make a slip knot. Canadian, Dutch, Scottish and English models of these machines were particularly innovative. In the 20th century, a German manufacturer came up with a sock knitting machine that had 42 slot ribber dials and 84 slot cylinders. A much less grandiose type of weaving, knitting evolved […]

The Revolution Brought About By Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are the electro mechanical or mechanised machines that are widely used by tailors to join fabrics together using threads. With the use of these machines tailors stitches a variety of patterned or plain clothes. The first machine to sew clothes was introduced in 1800 centaury and soon it became the most crucial discoveries […]