Joys Found In A Good Knitting Pattern Book

I have taken to knitting again after quite a long break – many years ago there was a phase of knitting that moved in and out of the young mind.  I took to it very easily because I come from a family of knitters.  Everything we wore as kids was either knitted or sewn by […]

Crafting Competitions Lack Younger Entrants

At a local ladies’ group there are interest groups that offer competitions and days out for other members to join if they wish.  There is a craft competition too, with a small cup engraved witht he name of a very long standing member who was renowned for her sewing and crafting skills.  It’s really nice […]

Grandma’s Sewing Skills Kept Our Guys In Suits

This is the season of mellow fruitfulness and getting to grips with sorting out all the stuff hanging around from earlier in the year!  In the good old days we used to save up loads of things that we didn’t really need anymore and they went on a massive great bonfire.  This being the bonfire […]

Restoration Talents Have Cult Following

I’ve been following a lifestyle tv programme with a difference.  It’s not all about couples apparently as would be house buyers shown pickily viewing and rejecting umpteen very good choices, or a stream of disgusting hovels sold at auction before and after the transformation work.  No, this one is much more to my taste.  It […]

Century Old Heirlooms Admired At Party

We have recently celebrated the centenary of one half of our local w.i.,  The original one started in the next village along after the local lady of the manor rallied her ladies who had helped her first world war efforts for 5 years.  They heard about this new thing for women coming from Canada, spreading […]

Embroidery Skills Need Passing On To Grandchildren

There have been many celebrations throughout the land of the 100 years of the WI – each federation set up independently so although the idea first came to Wales from Canada in 2015, the general thrust took off from mid 2017 ad onwards.  My particular group only forming in the late 1960s is way off, […]