The Joy Of A New Sewing Machine For The Novice Sewer

For the experienced and long time seamstress or hobby-crafter, there is something truly wonderful about getting into the work room, all thoughts of trivial domestic tasks easily brushed away in the enthusiasm for all things sewing.  That feeling of joy as the cover is lifted off the sewing machine, be it a brand new all […]

How the Sewing Machine Market Has Moved With The Times

The hobby of needlecraft and sewing machined items has made a tremendous leap since the first sewing machine the world had ever seen, developed during Industrial Revolution.  From those humble beginnings came the basic sewing machine in 1941 and progress has been maintained to the choice we enjoy in today’s fantastic online range. The accessibiulity […]

The advantage of knowing the art of sewing

Sewing is a very technical art and learning this art is very crucial in one`s life. Sewing includes everything i.e. sewing of shirts, trousers, denims, ladies suits etc. Thus it shouldn’t be limited to one category. Learning this art works in the favor of people who know it, and a person can earn thousands through […]