Century Old Heirlooms Admired At Party

We have recently celebrated the centenary of one half of our local w.i.,  The original one started in the next village along after the local lady of the manor rallied her ladies who had helped her first world war efforts for 5 years.  They heard about this new thing for women coming from Canada, spreading to Wales, of all places.  Anyway our dear neighbours started on in 1918 and it flourished with knitting for poor families and crochet/lace goods, outings, jam and chutney making – obligatory.  Sadly it waned by the late 1960s so rather than let it close, it was invited to almalgamate with the federation I belog to.  At the recent party for the 100th, we saw masses of axamples of exsquisite embroidery – pillow cases and aprons, hankies, tray cloths etc. and along the table came beautiful lace items made by one of the original w.i. members.  It was so thrilling for us to see and handle these treasures.