Checking Out An Antique Sewing Machine

Whilst having an urgent shift around of the mass of ‘junk’ in my garage, I came across many items I might now sell.  One of these was an old sewing machine.  It took a while to figure out how to get the beautifully carved lid off but underneath was a wonderfully ornate sewing machine.  It’s years since I did any sewing, and that involved a much newer electric intermediate model with twin needle, swing needle and embroidery . . . .   Anyhow, I checked the old machine over, exploring the basement . . .  lookng at the very old handbook, my machine may well have sat upon a treadle movement originally.  The books shows how to detach the machine from the table and mine still has the clips and grooves to show it had been such an example.  Shame I did not have the base. . . .  it would be much easier to sew with both hands on the project with the feet powering the sewing action.  The bobbin is very old fashioned, a shuttle vibration – one 10cm pin with two ends, inside a long metal case with one pointed end and open stub shaped rear.  I have found the instructions on how to wind cotton on to this and there’s a bag of truly intriguing metal parts – different foot attachments to allow for braiding, pleating ribbons on blouses, button holes and I believe the new fangled zip foot might be there too!