Crafting Competitions Lack Younger Entrants

At a local ladies’ group there are interest groups that offer competitions and days out for other members to join if they wish.  There is a craft competition too, with a small cup engraved witht he name of a very long standing member who was renowned for her sewing and crafting skills.  It’s really nice to remember favourite pals and colleagues in this way – it inspires the next generation of members to come along and join in, or should do.  The problem is that no schools seem to offer sewing, knitting or cookery lessons as standard now.  This is a pity as many young folk never see a sewing machine at home and would have no idea what to do with it.  So our competitions are supported by an ever dwindling group.  The main prize winning entry was a very beautiful hand stitched silk dress jacket, very intricate and would cost hundreds in a shop!