Embroidery Skills Need Passing On To Grandchildren

There have been many celebrations throughout the land of the 100 years of the WI – each federation set up independently so although the idea first came to Wales from Canada in 2015, the general thrust took off from mid 2017 ad onwards.  My particular group only forming in the late 1960s is way off, but the next village amazingly began theirs 100 years ago and we are having a bit of a knees up to celebrate.  One thing the wi is always good at is generatin voluntary supplies of knitting, crochet and embroidery items.  This year is no exception and each federation has been asked to supply an embroidered leaf with our name on it for our County’s own celebratory effort.  There are still one or two very much older ladies who retain and use these skills but time is running out – they will be lost before long if no one young comes and learns!