Ensuring Tension & Pattern Gauge Is Correct As You Go

Oh how I’ve enjoyed my last knitting project – although it has to be said that I’ve had more successful outcomes.  I bought some rather lurid green yarn which went very well with a beautiful skirt I have.  I hummed and hah’d over the design and eventually chose a pattern that offered an interesting lacy bobble border round the bottom of body and sleeves.  The rest was ordinary stocking stitch.  I checked my favourite sweaters upstairs and decided on the size to knit and did the recommended tension square.  All ok – in fact perfect, exactly the right number of rows/stiches as per pattern.  I loved knitting this garment – everything seemed interesting this time and the yarn is a dream to knit with, especially with bamboo needles.  So, all was steaming ahead and I got to the last stage – seaming up and knitting the collar.  Well, major disappointment with the eventual result – it was massive – even though I’d measured and checked.  I’m currently unpicking – not wasting that much yarn!