Grandma’s Sewing Skills Kept Our Guys In Suits

This is the season of mellow fruitfulness and getting to grips with sorting out all the stuff hanging around from earlier in the year!  In the good old days we used to save up loads of things that we didn’t really need anymore and they went on a massive great bonfire.  This being the bonfire night season approaching – we have to be careful about local restrictions.  My grandmother used to be busier than ever with her trusty old treadle sewing machine too – nothing to do with putting stuff on the bonfire – but making us some rather fantastic outfits for our home made guy fawkes – after a few years, I’m guessing dad ran out of old suit (!) and we used to carefully dress ours in brown paper trousers and jacket – all made by nan on her sewing machine.  No one does that sort of thing now.  It’s all pumpkins and silly dressing up stuff for trick or treat.