Home Knitted To Combat Sleeve Length Dramas

I was bought a voucher for a local habidashery venture recently opened and desperately hoping to drum up business and remain there.   The donor of this kind gift is a very hands on crafter herself and knew that in my younger days I used to knit a great deal – lots of baby jackets and hats in all sorts of garish colours.  It was the 1970s, and anything went!  I knitted all my own sweaters and cardigans then, having discovered the limitations for odd bodies like mine – at 15 I was nearly 6ft tall and very very skinny, well before it became fashionable.  I used to hate having to try and buy knitwear with long enough sleeves!

The crafter today has so much more choice of fabrics, yarns, needles, machines for sewing, knitting, quilting . . . you name it and there is something available out there.  Life for the crafter and hobbyist has never been more varied or fun!