House Clearance Calls For Shuttle Diplomacy

When we cleared a relative’s bungalow after the inevitable move into residential care, the painful task of emptying the bungalow arose.  Foruntately the lady has always been a declutter geek and has never allowed herself the dubious joy hoarding anything.  This almost brutal lack of sentimentality extends to her daughter who happily ditched many of her mum’s things.     Apparently as a child, all the mum’s  clothes were made for her on an sewing machine that was newer than a treadle but old enough to have the shuttle type of lower stitch control, years before bobbins made an appearance.  I heard about this machine over the years and was totally knocked out when it came to light in that house clearance.  The only family interest surrounded possible online auction value.  I wasn’t having that, so I brought it home with pride and utter respect for anyone who actually managed to sew anything on it!