4 Hours Whistfully Planning Next Project

I was having one of those mornings when I was supposed to be finding something important.  The article remains unfound and largely unimportant now but at the time it had got my attention and I went up to the back room full of vim and vigor!  As always when this occurs, I do well for the first half hour.  My back wardrobe is essentially storage receptacle for the office side of life with all my important matters stashed in their own loose leaf files.   Once those have been lugged out, we’re down to the knitting and sewing box – this consists of a huge laundry basket which houses spare skeins of wool of every colour and thickness.  Despite me always neatly rolling each and securing the ends, and not using any of them inbetween times, they always need a loving tidy up!  The next distraction is my pile of knitting patterns – the neat little six button cardi that looks quite easy but the print is too small;  the various baby clothes and an odd assortment of knitted toy patterns.  This department has increased 100 fold this year as I’ve added all the cut out patterns from a certain well known publication that supplies two free patterns every month plus recipes and sewing patterns . . . . .  Oh well, that was a fab 4 hours of non achievement.  Always another time!