If Only I Had Learned to Dress Make

Learning the skills of dressmaking has always been on the periphary of my interests but I have never actually gotten around to doing anything about it.  I see fabulous outfits in the top end fashion magazines, I look and laugh at their ugliness most of the time.  Whereas when I see any womens’ magazine from the 1940s up to the end of the 1960s, my heart strings are pulled whenever I spy a gorgeous little suit from the Chanel classic range.  I have always been on the tall slender end of the spectrum.  Yes, dead lucky.  But it is not without effort.  I could be the size of a small bungalow if I didn’t take precautions with food & sweets.  However, for clothes purchasing in my teens, this was a nightmare.  Having long legs presented problems with off the peg garments that a good dressmaking skill could have addressed througout my adult life!