Importance of Sewing for a healthy life balance

Sewing is the craft of attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Sewing is one of the oldest textile arts. Thousands of years ago, all the sewing was done by hand. The sewing machine was invented in the 19th century which led to mass production and export. Hand sewing is easier than sewing machine, which can give you the results you want when you are done. Sewing machines can make a great variety of designs, plain or patterned stitches, embroidery on different fabrics.

Learning sewing can be fun:-

Sewing can be learnt online via internet, as there are many tutorials. A large amount can be saved by mending the torn clothes instead of throwing them away. Mending zippers, torn fabric, can be done at home easily by knowing basic hand or machine sewing. Certain and decorative items can be prepared at home like colorful curtains, embroidered suits, cute wear for kids, artistic table covers,bags,cushions by machine sewing since there are various patterns and styles.