Joys Found In A Good Knitting Pattern Book

I have taken to knitting again after quite a long break – many years ago there was a phase of knitting that moved in and out of the young mind.  I took to it very easily because I come from a family of knitters.  Everything we wore as kids was either knitted or sewn by Nan.  I loved the excitement of getting to the end of the knitting pattern, convinced I’d followed every instruction .. . .  some garments were a breeze, others were a challenge.  I love looking at knitting pattern books – I’m forever getting them out of our local library.  Getting the garments made is another matter.  So I have really tried hard to concentrate on a project.  A green sweater – to go with a gorgeous skirt bought in a charity shop.  I’ve so enjoyed the relaxing motion of stocking stitch with a moss stitch border – it’s been a good reason to finish the after dinner clear up that bit more efficiently and early!