Keeping to A Pattern Ensures Success

I do love a good knit. That is to say I like it when the pattern is well written, the yarn is nice and soft, without any blemishes or catches and my needles are of suitable length to keep it all going smoothly. I have completed one garment this year. It took longer than expected and I’m none too proud of the finished result to be truthful. It has a large lace and bobble effect panel at the bottom hem all the way round and on each sleeve. I really enjoyed the knitting but once I’d seamed up, I discovered it was all far too big. . . my tension square was correct but it had gradually grown over the project. I unpicked it down to the lace panels and kep the sleeves, just picking up the body stitches and reknitting two sizes smaller. This was lazy and not how to make a good garment! The jumper is still far too big and now languishes in the back of my wardrobe – to be carted off to a charity shop before too long. Lesson learned is buy good patterns and follow them to the letter with no short cuts or deviations!