Knit & Natter Produces Fantastic Craft Ideas

I belong to a local federation of the wi.  My daughter belongs also and we love meeting up with older ladies – some of them just look ancient and in fact are not much older in years than me.  I just look and behave much younger!  I do however share the same old fashioned ideas when it comes to sewing and knitting hobbies.  I like to knit garments that look and feel really comfortable.  The colour is also important.  Like matching the green in a wonderful bargain second hand skirt. I am learning to use my sewing machine again now – it has sat in its nice shiny cover for 10 years and I’ve been busy with work and other excuses.  Having sat with a wi pal and heard about her sewing classes she attends, and seen some of the wonderful makes, I am determined to have a go myself.