Knowing Your Circular Needle – Short Or Long

Oh the love of knitting.   I do so enjoy being able to work through my tasks on any given day, knowing that by 5pm I can switch off, get myself an early meal and then relax with my knitting.   I have one or two patterns that I’ve bought along the way – whenever I’m oiut and about and find a knitting and craft store, I always have to investigate and  have a jolly good poke around.  It’s rather like folk who can’t go past a shoe shop without going in . . . . .  I just love the mix of accessories too – circular needles in various sizes but with added interest of long or short loop – I’ve only just dicovered the relevance of that second measurement.  If you’re knitting a large sweater, then you need the longest loop attached to each needle end.  Whereas with straight knitting needles, you cram the stiches on and hope not to drop any, similarly if you u se to short a loop, there isn’t enough room to fit all the stiches on and they’ll simply fall off one end.  Not much help.