Landmark Birthday Signals New Sewing Hobby

I have  a family friend who I meet up with every two or three months.  We rarely speak between these meetings but manage to ourselves to one good gossip.  We exchange news of what our very  similarly aged daughters are up to and what her son is doing now that he is out of the military.   There is only so much you can chat about and we fill the couple of hours gleefully.   This year our daughters reached a landmark birthday ending with a zero . . .  mine celebrated with a birthday bash at a sailing club and her daughter had a ‘do’ but for her main present she begged a cojoled the family into buying her a sewing machine.  Having caught up with one or to very inspiring programmes on day time tv, she has decided to embrace a new career.  I handed over details of a favourite online site providing inspiration and practical advice and encouragement for her new found hobby.