Perfect Sewing Designs for Perfect People

These process steps are done with high throughput, in an ultra clean environment, with a high level of quality. The medical specimen handling system is a rigorous test for Cartesian robots. This unique applications utilizes the 3-dimensional approach. The Gantry moves in the X-Y planes over material that is moved under the suspended device. Often designs were, and still are, a combination of sewing machine work and some basic hand stitching for the minor details. Designs made in this way are fraught with error and the lack of continuity.

Some have the capability of an R axis for the rotation of work pieces. Basically all work is done in an area that has corners, it is either rectangular or square. In other operations the part is held while being pressed into an assembly. Holding a part that is being welded is a prime use of Cartesian robots. These heavy weight workers load and unload items from ships and other vehicles. On the smaller side, robotics move screws to the precise location for another machine to mount them into a toy that is being assembled in a plant.

Food and drug filling operations are well suited to the pick-and-place capability of these robots. Assembly operations use Cartesian robots for holding specific parts in a given location on the production line.