Sewing and your next knitting project – how to get the best from your finished article

If you are a new knitter, you may not have had the opportunity to practice sewing up your newly knitted parts.  If making a jumper for example, it is likely that you will have several parts to sew together to make the finished item.  Here are some ideas to help you to get the best out of your knitting.

  1. Always knit the tension as recommended in the pattern.  It can seem like a pointless waste of time, especially if you are eager to get started on your project, but this little square really will save you lots of time later on.  This tension square helps you to make sure your finished item fits the right size and measurements.
  2. Begin your sewing up by pinning the bits together and loosely tack together with a contrasting colour.  This will help ensure your parts match together accurately and neatly before you sew up finally.
  3. Take your time and use little stitches to ensure a neat finish.  Do not pull too tightly, especially around arm holes and sleeves!