Surprise Male Member Of Knitting Squad

I belong to a couple of groups in a nearby village.  One is designed to be only women and can remain so under current law because of the very nature of it’s activity and purpose – a century ago.  The other group is just for anyone over a certain age and was primarily for social reasons to help combat loneliness in the community.  There are various topics discussed at each, not exactly the same but going along the same lines.  Crafting is always a ot topic for any group of ladies.  I have to say that although I do also assist with groups that involve men, the arty crafty side of life never shows itself in any enthusiastic manner.  Their idea is generally to talk football, car driving, golf.  The local knitting group is a new idea and this year we actually do have a man amongt our number.  He is very good with sock knitting as it turns out.