The Aisle Of Randomness With Fantastic Machines

The big german supermarket store down in town has a huge middle aisle section full of an ever changing array of special offers.  Always domestic items, sauce pans, sandwich makers, kettles etc. Other weeks it has a theme like camping in which there will be tents, inflatable beds, folding chairs, mini fridges etc.   My family and I find this aisle strangely compelling and wander up and down just to marvel at the bizarre selection of sales items.  All the goods are really fantastic value for money and I have a couple of things here at home that have worked brilliantly for months.   The latest items in the Aisle of Randomness as we call it, are sewing and knitting machines.  My goodness they have some lovely equipment there this week.  Brand new machines with every conceivable option on them.  But they only have them for a few days, so the usual stores can sigh with relief!