The Importantance Of Choosing The Right Thread To Suit Your Project

When beginning a sewing project, there are things which must be considered when choosing the threads to use.  Firstly, think about the type of fabric you are sewing with – if it is a thick fabric, it may require a stronger thread to sew with.   If it’s a very light fabric, then not only the finest of thread is needed, but a different foot on your machine to hold the fabrice gently but firmly.

Next, think about if you want the thread to be seen on the item, or if you want it to be invisible.  If it is to be seen, choose a contrasting colour, or a bold thickness.  If it is to be invisible, choose a matching colour and thinner weight.

Finally, think about the type of project you are making.  If it is clothing, the seams will need to be strong and sturdy, however if it is something like home furnishings, the seams may not need to be so strong.