The Joy Of A New Sewing Machine For The Novice Sewer

For the experienced and long time seamstress or hobby-crafter, there is something truly wonderful about getting into the work room, all thoughts of trivial domestic tasks easily brushed away in the enthusiasm for all things sewing.  That feeling of joy as the cover is lifted off the sewing machine, be it a brand new all singing, all dancing model that can almost lay and cut out the pattern as well as sew it!   As with a car enthusiast, that excitement when they lift off the dust cover, almost breath taking in intensity!

For the novice dressmaker or crafter, the choice of which first sewing machine can be a taxing but thrilling issue.  One generally tries to get the same machine as the tutor has, or if it’s a family matriarch showing the ropes, then obviously we want to stay loyal to her brand. Browsing a specialist sewing machine site can help answer questions to find the right machine.