Weekly Magazine Paid For Itself In Patterns Over Time

There is something truly comforting about being able to get to the end of a very busy day and take up my craft basket.  I usually have only the one project on at a time, but sometimes folk will ask if I can help with mending something or altering a fave old item that strangely doesn’t fit anymore . . . .    I do these little jobs for free because I can and it does give me some practice at the dark art of darning or zip replacement.  At one time our mother used to be constantly mending stuff for us.   She would always have us turned out looking very smart.  I don’t know many Mums who sew anything these days – our mum used to look forward to her Womans’ Weekly mag every Thursday as it always had two knitting patterns printed inside, just past the pages with the sewing patterns folded within.  Really good value for money!