Working From Good Patterns Always Brings Results

My sister is an absolute whizz with her sewing machine.  I doubt there’s very much she wouldn’t have a go at.  Over the years she has recovered her 3 pc suite twice.  This was with help from her ma in law who was an even better seamstress, virging on tailor, though she was far too polite to suggest that.    Between them they measured each section to be covered, made up a working pattern out of thick paper and then made a calico mock up.  If that fitted, then the main project could commence.  This was how the ma in law had been taught to work when she was junior in a now closed haberdashery and sewing centre.  The joy of making something yourself and trying it on – that anticipation.  It’s a lovely feeling when you put something on to show a friend or neighbour and they clammer for  information on the materials/yarn, etc.